Seminars & Consultations

Seminars for Individuals/Groups

The Missions Foundation can provide your adult ministry with effective, biblically-grounded answers to many of the financial questions they face.

Topics include:

  • Defining your estate
  • Creating a will
  • Advantages of different types of trusts
  • Tax issues
  • Provisions for spouses and children

Seminars for Church Leaders

The Missions Foundation can help you as you seek to develop a culture of generosity in your congregation. Topics include:

  • Understanding giving patterns
  • Engaging your congregation in the joy of giving
  • Developing an estate planning program

Private Consultations

Our experienced staff is available for telephone or in-person consultations regarding your financial and estate plans. We can help you pinpoint the way to ensure your estate is handled according to your wishes while giving to Baptist causes. This will often allow a family to do far more than they ever thought possible.

How can we help?

For assistance, please call us at (214) 828-5343, or complete the form to request an email reply.

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